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We are Family

We here at Powertech are a family run business. My dad Mamoun started his auto repair business more than 2 decades ago with 2 employees. He quickly became well known locally for being an honest and friendly person who’s been treating all his customers with a smile on his face and friendly tips while offering the best service rates.


Our No Bull Services

We are loyal by nature, honest by faith. We do NOT bull you. We will advise you just the way we would advise our own friend or family member. We do NOT try to play games with our customers. We treat them with respect and present everything in a very transparent and straight forward manner.


Why Choose PowerTech

We go the extra mile. We genuinely try our best to help you. You may visit us thinking that you are having some issues with your tire, but we will further diagnose the issue to find the roots of the problem and go further than just your tires and breaks; we will also check your shocks, struts, axle, rotor and the entire area thoroughly to pinpoint and fix the issue, so that you can drive back to your family safely.


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